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Find Help: Linda Answers Questions from Her Clients

One of the best ways to learn is to learn from each other. Take a look at some of Linda’s clients’ important questions and her Metaphysically Speaking® answers. Maybe they can help you, too!

Dear Linda,

My boyfriend is a policeman. One night I had a dream that he was lying on the ground covered with blood. It was so terrifying and so real that I called him immediately just to hear the sound of his voice and tell him what had happened. He assured me that he was fine, but I could not sleep because the image kept coming back to me.

The next day he was shot in the chest while pursuing a criminal. He has recovered, but we both wonder about my dream. Will this ever happen again? Is it normal to have a dream like this?

FA in Sarasota

Dear FA,

Let me assure you that this a perfectly normal occurrence, but there is no way of knowing if you will ever have a psychic dream again – only time will tell. It is not unusual for people who have a close relationship to be psychically aligned as well. While you were sleeping, you were astral projecting into the events ahead. Had your boyfriend paid more attention to this incident, he might have been able to alter the circumstances enough so that he would not have been shot.

It is my feeling that you were given the opportunity of seeing into the future so that your boyfriend could alter the impending event. In other words, this was not an unavoidable karmic debt; it was an incident crossing his path because of his work. Often we are given information that will help us deal more effectively with our lives in the form of hunches or intuitive feelings.

We should learn to pay attention to these feelings so that we can more fully enjoy positive situations and more painlessly deal with negative ones. Pay attention to your dreams in the future if they had the same feeling that this one had. You will learn to differentiate between ordinary dreams and psychic experiences as time goes on. Keep a diary and write not only what occurred in the dream but what your impressions are about it. Make notes about events that relate to these dreams.

Dreams are a way of dealing with our past, present, and future and can be very effective tools for us to use.

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