Hi, I’m Linda and I’ve been doing this work as long as I can remember. I was born with this ability and have been serving souls with it since I was a child

I was mercilessly bullied and teased at school, even at the tender age of 5, and the other children called me crazy and a “witch” – yet they all still came to me for guidance and direction.

And I gave it because that’s what I was meant to do.

Like so many others, I was raised in an abusive and violent household. Both my parents were alcoholics.

My father was a “periodic” alcoholic and was gone most of the time, my mother was the mean, violent, narcissistic type of alcoholic but fortunately for me, I had many instances of Divine intervention at critical times.

I’ve had over a dozen near-death experiences. Each time I’ve knocked on that door, I’ve been sent back with lessons (funnily enough, one of my students once asked me if I ever get a “rejection complex”).

Even though this work has always been in my blood, it wasn’t until the early eighties that I was given the nudge to embrace this path professionally. My good friend, and psychic to the stars, Frank Andrews told me this is what I was meant to be doing.

And I knew he was right. I needed no convincing.

Since then I’ve never looked back.

For over 17 years I hosted a weekly 1 hour, live television show called (surprise, surprise) Metaphysically Speaking® where I taught metaphysics and answered callers personal and spiritual questions live on-air. This propelled my career and resulted in me having a waiting list for my readings.

Today I reside in Florida and reserve my sessions for those who truly want change and are ready to invest their time and energy into doing the work necessary to heal and transform.

I’ve been told that it isn’t just my psychic abilities that set me apart but my life experience and the wisdom I impart. I know it’s because I have no agenda other than to truly help you in your situation and I absolutely want what’s best for you.

In my world, there’s no point in pussy-footing around issues. I say what I see and I don’t sugar-coat it. Sometimes I can be controversial in how I lay it on the line for you – but it only comes from love.

I don’t hold back, ever – because I truly don’t give a bunny’s backside what people think of me. I want you to fulfill your karma in this lifetime and I am here to help you. I take this mission very seriously. I am here as a conduit of truth and to help you live your life in the best way possible!

You’re reading this for a reason …whether that’s because you want to heal, overcome grief, resolve money or relationship problems, find direction, understand what the meaning of life is, or the other ultimate question we all have “How can I overcome the fear of being alone or dying?… whatever that reason is you can come to me with a variety of issues both personal and professional, to seek my advice and psychic guidance.

If you’re ready to make a change in your life and don’t know where to turn…

…if you know there has to more to life than “this” and you are ready to figure out your next moves and heights…

…keep reading to see if we are a fit for my personal consultations over the phone. Take a look at my services and how I can help you.

Namaste, Love and Light,

linda bennett, metaphysically speaking

Other facts about me:

I am a non-sectarian spiritual minister and often work with you and your partner before marriage to make sure your union starts with compassion, understanding, and balance. I then can perform the matrimonial ceremony that will unite your souls – no matter your faith or religion.

I love animals and I am extremely close to my beloved feline friends. Over the years they have saved my life many times when they warned me of impending danger. I psychically connect with animals as easily as with humans, so I also use my gifts to help you connect with, and understand, your pets better. The loss of a pet can be one of the deepest griefs imaginable. It really never goes away does it? I can help make it better through teaching you what happens when our pets cross over. Perhaps your sweet beloved will pop into the session with a hello (or a purr!).

I am a yogi, which means I see God in all forms. My years of studying both Eastern and Western theology gives me great insight into the world today. In keeping with my spiritual practice, I live by the Golden Rule, am vegetarian and I meditate daily. I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs – but I do love chocolate!

I know that meditation is the key to opening your heart and soul to God’s Universal truths and from there you will know that God and the Angels are always with you.

Seeking answers and want your burdens lifted?

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