Born into the lineage of the House of David to transform the Hebrew people into a more balanced Male/Female vibration and to bring equality to all people.


Buddha is the male aspect of God known as the Enlightened One. (Jesus, as the Christ spirit, is known as the Anointed One.) Buddha came to the planet, specifically to India, to break the caste system of Hinduism and bring equality, patience and kindness to all people through discipline, truth and self realization.


Pele is considered by many to simply be the Fire Goddess of Mount Kilauea. She is known by the true Hawaiian people and those who work with her to be Divine Mother in the Creative / Destructive Fire principle of kundalini energy and protection. She is known and loved throughout the Pacific.


Brigid is a female aspect of God from early Celtic history with a Triple Goddess energy: Creator, Preserver, Destroyer. Although she has the three aspects, she has retained them as one persona. Brigid is beloved because she represents spirituality integrated into everyday life. Christianity declared her a saint since she is such a powerful force.

Archangel Michael

Archangels are from the Angel Kingdom, and their job is to direct Angels and help them fulfill their missions. (Remember, Angels have their own souls, and have never been human.) Archangel Michael is known as the Archangel of the people. He is the healer, protector and leader for humans—especially children.

Avalokiteswara/Kwan Yin

A being who has achieved enlightenment through the guidance of Buddha. Kwan Yin is usually represented as a female, although her true nature of complete balance transcends a definition of Male/Female. She manifests compassion throughout the entire world. Although Avalokiteswara and Kwan Yin are considered by many to be the same being, others who have meditated with them considered them to be separate personalities.


Durga is the second aspect of the Kali Trinity. Kali in Hindu spirituality is considered the first divine mother who manifested three aspects of herself as Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer. Her multiple arms represent her ability to manage the many responsibilities of life: Body, Mind, and Soul.


Female aspect of God (Hindu) who brings prosperity: Body, Mind, Soul, and Lifestyle by helping you understand how the God-Force flows in all things.


Mother Mary is most commonly known as Mother of Jesus, but, in her time, she was also known as a Priestess in the Temple of Jerusalem and widely respected in her community as a woman of spiritual accomplishment. Mary is often associated with the number thirteen because it is on the thirteenth of any given month that she appears publicly around the world.


Male aspect of God (Hindu) who removes obstacles when you are on a higher path of accomplishment or places obstacles in your path when you are headed for disaster. Ganesha is loving and gentle and is loved by all who come to know him. Several years ago in temples around the world, Ganesha statues amazingly consumed milk offered to them by people of all religions in a miracle of love and unity. These events were covered by CNN news and other media around the world.


Male aspect of God (Hindu) who came to the planet, specifically to India, to remind people of the Male / Female duality of God in the Universe and to bring dignity to women and those less fortunate in Indian society.


Although today she is mainly thought to be Buddhist, her origins date back to the early Celts and pre-Jehovah Hebrews. She is an extremely ancient aspect of God, like Kali. In her aspect of Green Tara she represents Healing. When she appears as White Tara she manifests love and compassion for all forms of life.


Shiva is the third persona in the male Trinity created by Kali and represents destruction, which is, of course, the opportunity of rebirth.