The Beautiful Spirits of Our Pets

From Celtic lore and Ancient Rome to Norse legends to Egyptian Goddesses, cats have long played a part in human spirituality. Today, we should feel privileged to spend time with these beautiful animals, because they bless us with their power of intuition and unwavering loyalty.

Linda’s feline companions have always been an important part of her life. Get to know Linda’s best friends from this life.

Wish You Knew What’s Going On In Your Pet’s Mind?

Linda Bennett doesn’t just specialize in helping people. She can also sense and understand what is going through your pet’s mind, and can help you understand your loyal companion a little better. As a passionate advocate who has volunteered at big cat rescue organizations, Linda’s love of animals is unconditional. From cats and dogs to hamsters and fish, Linda loves all animals and can help you better understand their emotions, well-being and more.

Linda's Fans Adorable Pets

Linda would love to see your cat! Email her a pic of your favorite feline! (Be sure to include your pet’s name!)