Metaphysically Speaking® Thoughts on Meditation: Part 1

This is an exciting time for you. Why? Because when you decide to dedicate your life to God by ascending to your highest spiritual level and rightful position in the Universe, you are embarking upon the most joyous and challenging journey of your life…and, indeed, the most significant one.

Starting Your Metaphysical Journey

Like all long journeys, there will be a variety of paths that you will encounter, and you must wisely choose between them. Some of these paths are roads upon which you are meant to trod so that you may satisfy the karmic obligations charted for you in this life. You will know these paths by the difficulties laid out for you and the lessons you learn. Your own special and particular roads will have the lowest valleys, the longest plateaus and the highest, almost insurmountable mountains that our garden of Earth can provide. All so that you can encounter the specific situations you require for your ceaseless climb up the spiritual ladder, ever burning off the layers of karma necessary to complete your journey to the Heavenly Father-Divine Mother.

Be forewarned, however, that gates will open to paths that are not appropriate for you. They may appear, at first, to be quite intriguing…with the promise, perhaps, of the great knowledge or success. But be wary. Delusion can be treacherous. At best, the wrong paths can be annoying distractions. At worst, they can have the deepest pits of anguish and lead to regrettable dead ends…or, perhaps, self-destruction.

Choosing Your Path

You must learn to distinguish between the paths of experience that are put before you. Tune into the Divine Energies—ask God, your Guru and the Angels to help you make your choices. Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus and Mary came to this plane to light our pathways and bring us love. Their very presence enveloped our Earth with love and blasted energy trials throughout the Ether so that we could more easily ascend to the Heavens. Call upon them! They are waiting for you, and are there…always…to help you.

Your Metaphysical Transformation Begins

The very moment you make the final commitment to God, you are also making a commitment to yourself. Yogananda says that “Self” realization is God realization. That is because the search for God must begin with the discovery of the essence of your own Soul and the God energies within you. When you make a wholehearted and passionate commitment, you are embarking upon your journey of spiritual evolvement and a subtle, but definite transformation takes place.

You may not at first see any difference in yourself, but others will. When you pray and meditate with purpose and devotion, eat properly and take care of your health, and study metaphysics regularly, you become more finely tuned with God and the Universal Flow. With meditation, your soul grows mightier, yet gentler, and it acquires a brighter, magnetic glow as you shine more brilliantly in God’s Light.

Some of the people around you, who are not on your spiritual level—and thus not vibrating in the same powerful intensity—may be slightly uncomfortable in your brighter light. Others, however, will be blinded and repelled by it and turn away from you. Do not be discouraged when some of the people who are in your life today are no longer there tomorrow. This is the natural “spiritual selection” process in action. It is a way of protecting the new spiritual aspirant from having to constantly deal with those in the lower vibration who cannot understand the importance or meaning of your quest, and who would only waste your time and energy, thus blocking your progress.

Trust Your Spiritual Selection

It’s crucial to trust your spiritual selection. You are now undergoing a very special transformation and you are in the Universal Flow. As a seeker of truth, you need more time for prayer, meditation and study, and you must conserve your energies so that you may function as effectively in your daily life as possible. So remember, do not be sad if some relationships come to an end. Those who cannot stay with you are on their own levels and are progressing at their own pace, and they are not able to accompany you on your path at this time. It would be unfair to ask them to keep up with you since they are not yet ready for the hardships and challenges of your journey. Hold the people who drift away from you with “open hands” and let them go with love. Know that the Angels are watching over them, just as they are watching over you, and the appropriate doors will open for your old friends at just the right time.

Since change and growth are imperative for the soul’s upward progress, know that new relationships will develop. Some of these newcomers will stay with you and others will eventually leave. New people bring new experiences. Observe, interact and learn from them. Enjoy this study in human nature. These are all natural turns of events as the Tarot’s Wheel of Fortune spins karmically throughout your life. When you are vibrating in God’s Light, you are part of the Universal Flow. Trust it!

Meditation Brings Relief, Satisfaction & Peace

One of the very first emotions you will experience when you decide to meditate is relief. This sense of relief will also be accompanied by satisfaction and peace. You— the real Soul You—will know that you are on your way home. You have been seeking the right direction for a long time and you are finally on the right course. Somehow…everything just fits. You know in your heart—you feel it in your very being—that daily meditation and a “Yoga” lifestyle of directing your energies upward in a positive and powerful method is for you. Congratulations! You have found your way and made your commitment…so relax! The hard part is over now.

From this moment on, you are walking on a Path of Light in God’s vibration of peace and love. With God’s love, everything, no matter how trying, seems somehow easier. Remember, you must see yourself as a glowing star beaming brilliantly throughout the Universe and into the Heavens.

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