Mary the Mother of Jesus & Mary of Magdala Explained

As minister of the Alliance of Divine Love, whenever I’m lecturing or doing consultations, I’m always asked: “What about the Marys?” I’ve stopped counting the number of times this comes up. In this post, let’s look at some of the questions surrounding the Marys.

Was Mother Mary a Virgin?

The short and straightforward answer is no. The correct translation from Aramaic and ancient Hebrew is not virgin as we know it. Instead, the translation is maiden.

In ancient times, life was divided into three parts: childhood, adulthood and elder. In women, the child was referred to as a maiden to indicate her eligibility to become betrothed. This was usually from 12 to 14 or at the time of her first period. Her blood flow from the womb ensured her ability to bare children. It was also common to become pregnant by your betrothed (but not showing) to prove this beyond doubt. Then the wedding would take place, and the baby would arrive early. More children would come along, and we would all live happily ever after.

When you are in a physical or astral realm, which has laws or procedures, you must follow them. Children come from the old fashioned way of the woman’s egg and the man’s sperm uniting and growing inside the woman’s womb or chalice. In ancient times, in many cultures, there were happy couples in arranged marriages that considered childbirth a great joy. This was not only for themselves but also for their families, family business—farms or crafts, communities and religions. Creating children is the duplication of the Heavenly Father and Divine Mother creating life of all kinds. It is a manifestation of the Trinity. The Father is represented by the sperm/idea/wand, and Mother is represented by the egg/ability to manifest/the womb/chalice, and the result is the creation.

Within appropriate relationships, it was an honor to “Do on earth as it is in Heaven.” Sex is not dirty or tacky. It is a privilege. This was particularly true for people in the religious castes, like Mary and Joseph who were training in the Temple of Jerusalem. Remember, the Bible gives a hint of this by stating that Jesus’ travels had the support of women (priestesses) of the Temple of Jerusalem.


The “Immaculate Conception”

Let’s examine the “Immaculate Conception.” This was not about Jesus, but about his Mother, Mary. Catholic priests say this means she was born without original sin. Oh? What it really means is that Mary had no karma to take care of. Either Mary had finished her journey and agreed to come back one last time or she was split out from the God Source just for this mission as a special emissary.

So what about the story of Mary Mother being visited by an Angel in the night, impregnated, and having to go with great shame to Joseph who married her anyway? Let’s look at the other leaders of religions in that area. A perfect example is Krishna whose mother was the goddess Devaki. Like Mary, an Angel also announced her pregnancy. His birth was honored by important people and was called the Redeemer and liberator and bringer of truth. Check out Moses—his mother was really the Pharaohs’ sister. His father was her brother and therefore also his uncle.

Have I lost you? Remember many Egyptian dynasties thought incest kept the line pure. (By the way, have you seen the animal shows featuring The Nile? Between the crocodiles, hippos, lions, and cobras nothing could survive in a basket in the reeds at the water’s edge.) Also check the stories of Nimrod, Cronos and Mordred.

Why Mary Probably Needed an Aspirin

Why is it men, who have dominated this earth since Atlantis went down, think that they are the most worthy saviors of society? Thus religions, must come only from the “chalice” and Angel? Why do men think the poor and uneducated masses will revere a man (of course) born from extraordinary and extra-earthly origins? Do they imagine a mother must be unsullied by an earthly man to bring a savior or leader to the planet? We must ask the question. Why do men feel that they are not worthy enough to be the father of a savior? Frankly, this never worked for me. At age six, I argued with the nuns and priests about Angels making babies and at their insistence that you had to be Catholic to go to Heaven. I also informed them that we had to live many lifetimes before we finally learned enough to go home to the Heavens to stay. Imagine the calls to my parents after the priest finally stopped screaming at me.

Talk about Heaven, perhaps the Angels (and there are billions of them) were reminding Mary Mother that this was part of the Grand Plan put into place before her birth. It was agreed to by all participants, both good and bad, so they could be born, grow up and be in their positions so this Grand Plan could take place at the right time and right location. Mary probably needed an aspirin. All the participating souls in this Grand Plan agreed to their parts. All roles were meaningful, both happy and tragic. For instance, let’s quickly look at Judas, the so-called betrayer of Jesus. If Jesus is so God-like, how could a little detail like that betrayal escape him? It didn’t. Judas and Jesus both knew the role Judas had to play. The human aspect of each was sad, but their souls knew it was part of the Divine Plan.

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Jesus

Remember hearing about Zoroaster? He was King and prophet of ancient Persia (present-day Iran). This man hated women but predicted the arrival of a savior who would elevate all people including women. He even drew up the predictive astrological chart for Jesus. Remember the Magi? They were followers of Zoroaster and astrologers themselves. They knew exactly the “who, what, when, where and why” of Jesus. I will go into this further in a future blog post. (Please be assured that Mother Mary and her husband, Joseph were no poor itinerants wandering the desert. They were wealthy and protected, traveling in caravans, well prepared for the Grand Plan and the parts they were playing.)

The Role of Joseph, Father of Jesus

Now let’s look at Joseph, Father of Jesus. We know he was in the lineage of the House of David as was his wife Mary. We also know that even today, many cultures prefer that their daughters marry older, successful men who have proven they can support their families. Mary and Joseph both trained at the Temple of Jerusalem and were almost certainly Essenes. With this lineage, religious training and proper age difference, they were betrothed to be married. Isn’t it also reasonable that their families were very involved in God’s Grand Plan? Remember places in time, please! Joseph was a known merchant who, like many others traveled by caravan to make his trades in many locations. Remember when Jesus was missing, and his parents found him at Joseph’s place of business at the caravan discussing various business issues with his father’s partners? His parents were shocked—but realized this was no ordinary 12-year-old boy.


Mary’s uncle or older brother Joseph of Aramathea (we don’t know) was also a successful business person. He was a trader of tin, among other items, with the Celts. Yes, he did business with England, Ireland, Scotland, and Whales. We tend to forget that trade went on throughout the ancient world even without planes and giant cargo ships. Joseph, therefore, was not a poor carpenter scratching out a living. His family was wealthy and well traveled.

Carpenters in Nazareth Didn’t Just Build Houses

Please be assured that Nazareth, a town Jesus’ family lived in, was full of “carpenters” according to the New Testament. Remember, we cannot always apply current interpretations with that of the past. In those days carpenters were not only builders of furniture, houses, etc. but also builders of ideas, businesses and new situations. Joseph was perfectly suited as a “carpenter” with this interpretation.

I have often wondered what Joseph did after the birth in the “manger.” We don’t hear much about him after that in the Bible. As a High Priest getting on in years, is it not possible that Joseph chose to spend more time in prayer in the Temple of Jerusalem with his fellow priests? Or did he play a bigger part and he was simply ignored in the four edited gospels and his role will become clearer with further investigation? Time will tell…

A Closer Look at Mary of Magdala (Who Was Not a Prostitute!)

Now, let’s look at Jesus’ wife, Mary of Magdala. She was a priestess preaching in the town of Magdala, having already studied at the Temple of Jerusalem and most assuredly knew both of Jesus’ parents. In the Jewish religion at that time, you had to study and become initiated in the Temple of Jerusalem before you could become a High Priest or Priestess. You could choose to become sequestered in the temple or go among the people and preach.

Mary of Magdala was well known and respected in her community and was thought of as a charismatic and captivating teacher. Keep in mind that a High Priest had to marry a high Priestess by the age of 30. Jesus and Mary of Magdala were a perfect pairing. Because part of Jesus’ special mission was to elevate women, it was natural for them to travel and preach together. Also important to remember, is that even today in Orthodox Judaism, a High Priest could only be touched by his mother, a young girl who had not started menstruating, or of course, his wife.

So was Mary Magdalene a prostitute as stated in the Bible? The answer is NO. This was a reflection of how threatened Constantine–along with the now many Christian priests–were when they were editing down the over 400 gospels to four while trying to diminish women, and align ideas with that of the Crown. The seven demons, which Jesus supposedly cast out of Mary, were her seven main body chakras, which were completely open thus giving her inner and outer priestesshood.

The story of Mary Magdalene’s washing Jesus’ feet was a demonstration to his disciples of humility. The anointing of Jesus with oils was part of a priestly marriage ritual. And if you are wondering, yes, Jesus and Mary had children together which was a requirement for a priest and priestess to remain married. The Rabboni, which is what Jesus was called, had to keep the lineage going.

Be sure to find the books, The Case for Reincarnation by Joe Fisher and Jesus Lived in India by Holger Kersten. (In Europe and Asia the book is called Jesus Died in India). Kersten’s books are out of print but are available as used editions on In Jesus Lived in India, there are actual photographs of the final resting places (physical tombs) of Jesus and Mother Mary. Islamic extremists are now killing the ancient sects of Muslims who have been tending these sites even prior to Islam. This situation exists even though both Jesus and Mary are both revered in the Koran.

So Much Still to Learn About the Marys

Do any of these realities dim my enthusiasm and love for Mary, Joseph, Jesus and Mary of Magdala? No, absolutely not. Their selfless sacrifices make them even more special and dear. We have just scratched the surface here. There is so much more to know and more to come. (Also read the Gnostic Gospels and the scrolls recently purchased through secret dealers, available to view on the web.) The sacrifices these extraordinary beings and others made to bring equality to all people, including women, are almost unimaginable. The love they had for all souls is enthralling. It is possible for us to reach this level of love by forgiving, respecting and actively accepting all forms of life. God Bless Us.

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