Find Help: Linda Answers Questions from Her Clients

One of the best ways to learn is to learn from each other. Take a look at some of Linda’s clients’ important questions and her Metaphysically Speaking answers. Maybe they can help you, too!

Dreams of falling

Dear Linda,
Every now and then I dream that I am falling. Although I’ve never hit the ground yet (I always seem to wake up before I get near it) I’ve wondered what would happen if I did. A friend of mine said that if you dream that you are hitting the ground, you are actually dying. Is this true? KW in St. Petersburg

Dear KW,
No, absolutely not.

Dreams that come true

Dear Linda,
My boyfriend is a policeman. One night I had a dream that he was lying on the ground covered with blood. It was so terrifying and so real that I called him immediately just to hear the sound of his voice and tell him what had happened. He assured me that he was fine, but I could not sleep because the image kept coming back to me. The next day he was shot in the chest while pursuing a criminal. He has recovered, but we both wonder about my dream. Will this ever happen again? Is it normal to have a dream like this? FA in Sarasota

Dear FA,
Let me assure you that this a perfectly normal occurrence, but there is no way of knowing if you will ever have a psychic dream again – only time will tell. It is not unusual for people who have a close relationship to be psychically aligned as well. While you were sleeping, you were astral projecting in to the events ahead. Had your boyfriend paid more attention to this incident, he might have been able to alter the circumstances enough so that he would not have been shot.

It is my feeling that you were given the opportunity of seeing into the future so that your boyfriend could alter the impending event. In other words, this was not an unavoidable karmic debt; it was an incident crossing his path because of his work. Often we are given information that will help us deal more effectively with our lives in the form of hunches or intuitive feelings. We should learn to pay attention to these feelings so that we can more fully enjoy positive situations and more painlessly deal with negative ones. Pay attention to your dreams in the future if they had the same feeling that this one had. You will lean to differentiate between ordinary dreams and psychic experiences as time goes on. Keep a diary and write not only what occurred in the dream but what your impressions are about it. Make notes about events that relate to these dreams.

Dreams are a way of dealing with our past, present and future and can be very effective tools for us to use.

Imaginary playmates

Dear Linda,
My 5 year old daughter has imaginary playmates. There are one or two that she claims are with her all the time, while others come and visit “sometimes.” My former husband has told me to forget it since most children pretend they have unseen friends and there is nothing to worry about. My other has said that it’s probably her guardian angel. This whole thing is driving me crazy and it is very embarrassing because my daughter is telling my new boyfriend all about her “friends” and I don’t want him to think there is anything wrong with her – or me. What should I do? Worried in Tampa

Dear Worried,
Do stop worrying, do forget it – do not go crazy or be embarrassed. While many children do actually create their own targets of conversation out of boredom, it is my feeling here that your child does have some little pals in the astral world who have made themselves known to her. Just because you cannot see or hear something does not mean that it does not exist! Remember, most of the universal experiences are “unseen.” We use the term metaphysics to describe the science/philosophy of the unseen or the true nature which underlies the familiar world. Your daughter’s behavior is perfectly normal. She has just come over from the astral world and her senses are still keen – and so it is with all children, as well as those of us who have maintained and developed our psychic abilities.

Please do not confuse your daughter by telling her that she is not experiencing something when she knows that she is. This is a terrible thing that many parents unwittingly do to their children because they do not understand the true nature of the situation. Just leave her be, and as she grows older and makes friends of her own on this side, the astral playmates will probably go their own way. It would be interesting to casually ask her one day if she sees colors around people sometimes. I am referring to a person’s aura (or soul energy which can be electrically traced). Very often, we find that children who can visit with astral playmates can also see auras very clearly. If your daughter can do this, and I have the feeling that she can, you have a very special child there. If she is not discouraged, she will be able to develop these talents to assist her throughout her life. By the way, if your new boyfriend is very uncomfortable with this situation, either avoid discussions along these lines or reconsider the possibility of a continued relationship. There are some people who, because of a true lack of understanding about psychic phenomena, are very uneasy around people with active psychic abilities. As the situation develops and when the timing is right, talk to him. With a bit of understanding on everyone’s part, and a relaxed attitude, things should work themselves out nicely.

Déjà vu

Dear Linda,
Every now and then I get the feeling that I have been somewhere or said the exact same thing during a conversation even though I know I have never even visited the area or met the person that I am talking to. How can this be? Ellen

This is commonly known as “deja-vu” or having been there before. There are several explanations for this. One is that you could very well have visited that area – but in another lifetime. Often people vacation in a distant area and seem to know where everything in the town is, how to get around the streets, what the important buildings are, etc. There is a familiarity that they cannot explain, sometimes there is a feeling of great comfort or great fear depending upon the events that transpired during that lifetime. It is also possible that the person is someone you have known previously, and since relationships pick up where they left off, this conversation might be a repeat of an older one long ago. Another explanation is that you might have astral projected ahead and seen that area or the events to take place, stored them in your subconscious and then remembered them as they were taking place. Finally, sometimes your subconscious skips ahead and picks up on the energy of an event about to happen. Since this is subconscious, when your conscious mind experiences the event, it seems familiar, and it is, even if it is a few minutes into the future.