A Life Coach for All Your Lives…

Linda Bennett is a natural psychic, meaning she was born with her abilities and has used them all her life to help people understand their lives. A powerful spiritual teacher, her mission is simple: She is here to help you get through this lifetime with the most peace and joyful accomplishment in wisdom as possible.

As a spiritual minister, Linda has counseled thousands of people with their personal and professional problems. Her greatest gift is not just being psychic, but also being a gifted communicator. She can explain even the most complicated Universal concepts into a way that we can all understand, which helps us to weave these concepts into our understanding of how to live and why we are here in the first place.

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Find Truth in Laughter & Tears

Linda is known for her sense of humor, compassion and direct communication style—she isn’t interested in wasting time.

Lifetimes are short, and Linda knows that you have work to do and gratitude to express, laughs to laugh and probably some tears to shed. She may only see you once so she means to make it count.

If you are not interested in hearing the truth…Linda is probably not the psychic counselor for you.

Our Place on the Planet


  • Linda’s childhood was an abusive one filled with several near death experiences and comfort from the Angels and nature spirits. Her cats have literally saved her life by warning her of danger in the house.
  • Linda is a yogi, which means she sees God in all forms. Her years of studying both Eastern and Western theology all her life give her great insight into the world today.
  • Linda’s live television and radio shows, Metaphysically Speaking®, along with her articles and workbooks, have empowered people to learn how to have a deep, meaningful and direct personal relationship with God.
  • In keeping with her own spiritual practice as a yogi, Linda lives by the Golden Rule, is a vegetarian, meditates, doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs, loves animals and, of course—chocolate!

Recommended Reading

Feed your soul with a few good books. Here are some of Linda’s favorite must-reads:

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife
—Eben Alexander

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back
—Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent

Waking Up in Heaven: A True Story of Brokenness, Heaven, and Life Again
—Crystal McVea & Alex Tresniowski

The Kybalion Hermetic Philosophy Revised and Updated Edition
—Three Initiates

Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them : When Loving Hurts and You Don’t Know Why
—Susan Forward and Joan Torres

Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World
—Phillip C. McGraw

While these titles are feline-friendly reading, you don’t need to be a “cat person” to love these books. Linda thinks they are all wonderful life lessons in life.

Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book
—Grumpy Cat

Your Ideal Cat: Insights into Breed and Gender Differences in Cat Behavior (New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond)
—Benjamin L. Hart & Lynette A. Hart

Saving the White Lions: One Woman’s Battle for Africa’s Most Sacred Animal
—Linda Tucker & Andrew Harvey (Foreword)

To Weep For A Stranger: Compassion Fatigue in Caregiving
—Patricia Smith

Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean
—Jackson Galaxy & Joel Derfner (Collaborator)

Still Foolin’ ‘Em: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys?
—Billy Crystal

700 Sundays
—Billy Crystal

Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too
—Michael Showalter

The Dalai Lama’s Cat
—David Michie

The Dalai Lama’s Cat and the Art of Purring
—David Michie