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The dictionary defines metaphysics with Aristotle’s description of “after physics.” Or, one could simply say, metaphysics is beyond reviewing the physically detected world.

How Can Metaphysics Help Me?

Many people mistakenly believe that metaphysics refers only to the unseen, or the so-called “un-provable.” Sadly for these people, what they believe is just not true. Metaphysically Speaking™ means that the “seen” and “unseen” worlds are brought together. It ties the physical, mental and spiritual together to form a balanced, comprehensible and logical (yes, logical!) picture of the Universe. Using metaphysics, you can learn the answer to why you are here, NOW, on this planet.

All of us are looking for answers. By truly understanding metaphysics, answers to these questions will become much clearer. This will help you understand your life so you can live a more meaningful and productive existence.

Have You Ever Asked Yourself Questions Like These?

  • How do I know that there is a God?
  • How do I know I’m not imagining this bad vibe I get from someone I just met?
  • Is this person being controlling, or is he/she right?
  • Why am I afraid of animals? (Or any other specific fears you can’t explain.)
  • Why did I have to lose my husband?
  • Why are children born with deadly diseases?
  • Why am I confused by my own gut feelings?
  • Is this person at work really trying to make me look bad, or am I imagining it?

Let Linda be your guide to understanding metaphysics, so you can understand yourself and your world better—and learn to make better decisions, learn how to get “un-stuck” from your current situation, and learn how to live the life you are meant to live.

Metaphysical Questions? Ask Linda!

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A Message from Linda:

I developed Metaphysically Speaking™ decades ago to help YOU find answers to your questions. I can help you to:

  1. Find out why you’re here
  2. Know the true you: body, mind and spirit
  3. Find a path that will let you function more happily, effectively and purposefully

Brushing off what you can’t see in front of you is a mistake too many people make. Without knowing the TRUTH about who you really are, you’ll never reach your full potential as a human being. I can help you find the truth (the good and the bad) so you can find peace and balance.

Contact me now to schedule a consultation. (Skeptics with an open mind are always welcome!)